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Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting

Reach users in selected countries, hours, days, period, on operating system etc.

Detailed statistics

Detailed Statistics

Every user receives our advanced statistic and detailed traffic reports for free.

Fair Value

Fair Value

Both advertisers and publishers receive the best value. It's our promise.




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ADCATRAZ.EU reaches a European audience and offers your business the opportunity to advertise by country, in several countries or throughout Europe. In a matter of days we can send your message across the globe, or we can slowly drip your advert towards the people you need to reach.

Also important is that we preload all ads in the background, even before a page is called. That results in an extremely fast display of ads, which never conflicts with the load-times of a page.

The advantages we offer?

You can:

♦ advertise based upon impressions (CPM)
♦ advertise based upon clicks (CPC)
♦ advertise based upon days
♦ limit the impressions used per ad per day
♦ limit the clicks used per ad per day
♦ advertise on days and hours you want
♦ target by OS (Android, iOS, etc)
♦ retarget ads during any given timeframe
♦ target your campaigns by country / countries
♦ use keyworded ads at your bid per click
♦ manage your ads and campaigns 24/7
♦ a volume based discount

Our system gives you all the independence and flexibility you need.

And if you need help?

Our helpdesk is there for you, also 24/7.

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If you have a website or blog that attracts over 10,000 unique visitors per month or more it may be attractive to register as a publisher at Adcatraz. Besides offering a handsome commission on views and clicks generated by our publishers we also aim to support our publishers in their growth. What benefits our publishers strengthens us too.

We welcome publishers from all over Europe, but at the very same time keep a very close eye on the quality of our publishing network. Besides a mandatory minimum of 10,000 unique visitors per month our publishers can not be derived from just any type of business. After all: we have to safeguard the image and reputation of our advertisers too.

So yes, we have to be selective. But if your website or blog meets our standards we are sure you will be part of us for a very long time

Sign up for a publishing account now.

We will review your application within a few days, and as soon as your website or blog has been approved you too can start making money with the fastest growing global network on online advertising.

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